GEMweb Plus
Complete critical care testing control from any location

GEMweb Plus is unique information management software that provides complete control of the Point of Care Testing (POCT) process. View and act upon information from any location, using any networked PC or GEM Premier 4000 critical care analyzer. You get total connectivity no matter where you are—in the ICU, a satellite facility or your office.

  • Provides a uniform testing environment that simplifies training and reduces risk of errors
  • Allows remote viewing of patient results
  • Offers complete control of all critical care analyzers, assuring testing quality and regulatory compliance
  • Enhances viewing of entire patient history on all networked critical care analyzers, regardless of location
  • Automatically documents analyzer activities and operator actions
  • Allows remote analyzer configuration

IL’s GEMweb Plus is the advanced information system for standardization that gives you complete control of analyzer operations, no matter where critical care testing occurs.

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