BIO-FLASH® Instrument

Rapid-Response Chemiluminescent Analyzer

BIO-FLASH is a fully automated, random access chemiluminescent analyzer for any autoimmune laboratory. It delivers enhanced workflow efficiencies, market leading ease-of-use and improved assay performance compared with existing enzyme-based systems. With on-board reagents and stored calibration curves, BIO-FLASH makes even the most specialized autoimmune tests efficient to perform.

Advance to a new level of performance with BIO-FLASH

  • Full-menu, random-access processing eliminates batching
  • On-board reagents and calibration curves make even the most specialized autoimmune tests efficient to perform
  • Achieves excellent throughput with up to 450 results in a single shift
  • Provides results in as little as 30 minutes
  • Offers precise quantification and a broad dynamic range using chemiluminescent technology

A progressive solution to common problems

  • Eliminates isotype batching and reagent waste. Stable on-board reagents allow for samples to be run as they arrive.
  • Improves turn-around time. Simultaneous random access processing of all isotypes and assays on a single sample. Delivers results, including STAT orders, in as little as 30 minutes. BIO-FLASH can generate up to 450 results in a single shift.
  • Helps reduce test send outs. Makes even the most specialized assays efficient to perform with stable calibration curves.
    Frees up floor space. Small benchtop analyzer achieves excellent throughput.

Advanced automation delivers simplicity and efficiency

QUANTA Flash reagents-200


QUANTA Flash® reagents

  • Chemiluminescent technology delivers precise quantification and a broad dynamic range
  • Cartridge barcode is internally scanned to import the master calibration curve, lot number, expiration date and assay type


Reagent carousel

  • Stores up to 20 reagent packs with on-board refrigeration
  • Monitors reagent use and reports inventory
  • Dedicated reagent probe

Sample carousel

  • Primary samples placed directly onto the rack and scanned by internal barcode reader
  • Samples processed in random access with continuous load capability
  • STAT orders can be run at any time Dedicated sample probe

Calibration curves

  • Master calibration curve uploaded through the reagent pack barcode
  • Calibrators are processed in the sample carousel
  • BIO-FLASH determines a stable working calibration curve

Intuitive software 200

Intuitive software and touchscreen

  • Simplifies training and day-to-day operation
  • Status screen allows immediate access to system information

Operational modeRandom access and continuous load with priority STAT handling
Operator interfaceTouch screen monitor, keyboard and mouse
Sample aspirationCapacitance level sensing and clot detection
Reagent aspirationCapacitance level sensing
Sample typesSerum or plasma
Detection technologyChemiluminescent
Process module77 kg/170 lbs / 54 x 87 x 62 cm / 21.25 x 34.25 x 24.25"
User Interface (computer with monitor)20/kg/45 lbs / 30.5 x 35 x 36.3 cm/16.25 x 14 x 14.5"
Item #T3710-0344

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